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pets and floor care

Many pet owners choose hardwood floors because they offer much better protection against pet damage than carpeting. Hardwood floors are not invincible, but if you follow these 5 tips to avoid pet damage your hardwood floors will stay magnificent for many years to come:

1: Use a Strong Finish

Hardwood flooring finishes are available in a variety of compositions and strengths. To protect against pet stains, a water-based or moisture-treated urethane finish will provide additional moisture protection. Moisture-treated urethane finishes provide superior protection, while water-based urethane finishes are fast-drying and easier to apply.

2: Apply Multiple Coats

Most finishes recoat easily, creating multiple layers of protection. With multiple coats, pet stains and scratches are far less likely to penetrate the finish. If the finish is damaged it can be repaired by spot-sanding and refinishing. Finishes should be reapplied on a regular basis as part of an ongoing maintenance program.

3: Trim Your Pet’s Nails

From large dog breeds to little kittens, if your pet’s nails are not trimmed they can be destructive to your hardwood floors. Multiple finish coats can help build layers of protection that help defend against pet scratches, but well-trimmed nails will be the best defense.

4: Be Aware

Pet damage is much easier to repair if caught early. Cleaning puddles quickly will help prevent them from permanently staining the wood. Scratches should be buffed out and refinished before they penetrate your finish and damage your hardwood.

5: Call the Experts

Proper care of a hardwood floor begins with prevention. The proper choice and application of a finish will go a long way in keeping your floors beautiful for years to come. Our experts can help you choose and apply the right finish for your needs. If your hardwood floors are damaged call for a consultation – before it’s too late!