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  • Atlas Concorde Doga
    Atlas Concorde Doga
    These wood look porcelain tiles by Atlas Concorde reproduce natural shades, veining, and hues of wood essences.
  • Atlas Concorde Etic
    Atlas Concorde Etic
    Each of these tile styles come in many shade choices.
  • Atlas Concorde Etic PRO
    Atlas Concorde Etic PRO
    International Flooring is proud to be a Houston Dealer for Atlas Concorde.
  • Atlas Concorde AXI
    Atlas Concorde AXI
    Questions about these luxury tiles? Give us a call!

International Flooring Atlas Concorde distributor in Houston offers wood look porcelain tiles that reflect…

  • natural shades
  • veining
  • hues of wood essences
  • Atlas Concorde wood look porcelain tiles will provide you with a natural wood inspired charm.

    The tiles come in a range of styles.

  • Intense
  • Aged
  • Neutral Shades
  • Minimal Lines
  • Light and Delicate Veining
  • Whether your design calls for Etic PRO, Etic, Axi, Bord, or Doga tiles, give us a call right here for your Atlas Concorde tile distributor in the Houston area. 832-282-3073.