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Choosing a hardwood floor can seem like a big task, especially when you consider the various options you have to truly personalize the materials for your personal needs. However, having a trustworthy hardwood flooring retailer can make all the difference.

A professional can easily guide you through all the decision making, with answers to your most pressing questions. We can help with design assistance, staying within an estimated budget, and help get your floors installed properly once it's all over. From there we'll continue to be the friend in the business you need.

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When it comes to choosing the perfect material from the hardwood flooring store, you’ll want to make sure you have assistance. Many homeowners have questions before they start shopping, while others think of questions along the way. We’ll be available to answer those questions from the moment you walk into our showroom.

Our associates will make sure you know exactly what you’re getting in your wood floors, from extreme durability to an excellent lifespan that can reach 100 years with careful maintenance. We'll discuss how a harder wood species stand up better under heavy traffic so that even the busiest homes get excellent functionality from their floors.

And a hardwood flooring retailer, we’ll also make sure you know that solid hardwood flooring can never be installed below grade. If you need flooring for a basement, however, engineered wood or luxury vinyl makes a great alternative, performing much better under those circumstances where dampness and temperature changes can cause problems.

You’ll also find that hardwood flooring is much easier to care for than you might think. With proper professional installation, maintenance and daily care will be an easy task. Then you’re free to enjoy these floors for many years to come.

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As a member of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA), International Flooring has a passion for fine wood flooring. We offer quality materials at our Houston, TX showroom, knowledgeable staff, and wood flooring installers who are experienced and good at what they do.

If you’re in the areas of Houston, TX, Katy, Woodlands, Spring, or Clear Lake, be sure to make time to come and visit us. We’ll show you around, get to know you, and help create the most satisfying floor experience possible, based on your very specific requirements for flooring.